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BoltGroup - eccentrically loaded bolt group shear capacity

BoltGroup computes shear capacity of an eccentrically loaded bolted connection using LRFD instantaneous center of rotation method. Great tool for design of gusset plates and plate girder bolted splices. The analysis results have been verified with AISC tables. Spreadsheet provides design summary, detailed results, and fundamental theory and formulas.


Design worksheet

BoltGroup design worksheet

Theory worksheet

BoltGroup theory worksheet


You may encounter three known problems installing Boltgroup. They associated either with Excel macros (VBA) or Solver add-in. Follow the steps below to fix the problems.
  1. Make sure the macro security level of Excel is medium. From main Excel menu choose Tools--Macro--Security, select Medium security level option and click Ok button.
  2. Make sure Solver Add-in is installed. From main menu choose Tools--Add-Ins, select check box next to Solver Add-In and click Ok button. Excel will install Solver.
  3. The Solver VBA automation library is not referenced properly if you receive Excel warning message after executing Calculate button from Boltgroup menu. Solution:
    Open VBA editor by simultaneously pressing ALT-F11 keys. In the project window (left upper corner) you will see a list of open excel workbooks and add-ins. If SOLVER.XLA is listed then the problem lies somewhere else. If not, then Solver automation library reference is invalid (thank Microsoft for changing library names).
    In the project window click on Boltgroup071.xls and type VBA password (provided with your licensed copy of Boltgroup) and click Ok. From the main VBA menu choose Tools--References. Within available references find SOLVER and select check box next to it. If SOLVER is marked as MISSING, unselect check box, scroll down the list of references and select one containing word Solver (It may say Microsoft Solver). Click Ok and SAVE FILE.
  4. Contact us if you still having trouble.